Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The old bank-robbery-gone-wrong-now-a-hostage-situation story line is back again. Jeez, we almost finished the year without another hacky premise. We came close when "Life on Mars" had a hostage situation in a hospital earlier this fall.
Some shows wait years before going there ("The Comish"), but "Leverage" on TNT only took 4 episodes before going there. I remember seeing Anthony Michael Hall being interviewed about the "Dead Zone's" bank story line. He said it was an homage to "Dog Day Afternoon." That is a great movie, but between the Al Pacino film and the USA network drama there were tons of "homages" to the movie. Making TDZ a rip off.

Mafia show "Line of Fire" decided that a bank robbery would be a good idea within the first 13 episodes of the show. It didn't last much longer than that.

This is a bad sign for "Leverage." Too bad. I like this show.

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