Sunday, December 07, 2008

More "Lies we tell each other to survive in LA"

We call that creepy strip of water going through LA and the Valley the "LA River." As Wayne Federman points out in his stand up act - It's not a river at all. He has a funny punch line, But I don't want to fumble it. Just go see him perform.Also last night in his funny show " A Very Federman Christmas" he brought up that we have a team named the "LAkers" in a city with no lakes. Or "clips" for that matter.

Also - people from out of town love to complain about our traffic. But I never hear about traffic. When I lived in Jersey, the radio always told us of horrid "Traffic Jams" - which are jams make of traffic. In LA the radio talks of "Sig Alerts." It's not a jam yet, it's still an alert. When I moved here I was waiting for it to be upgraded to a jam - never happened. And the silly word "Sig" not only makes no sense, but has nothing to do with traffic.

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