Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm not one to tattle but...

If you watched the finale of the "The Shield" [no spoilers]you might have noticed a little confusion on who is paying the bills.

Just before the credits roll and and just after Vic Mackey pokes his eyes out with a hot poker (did not happen) and the show ended the guy with the super deep voice announce that the show was sponsored by Direct TV. Fine. This is obviously a cable show, so you need some thing to watch it on, why not Direct TV.

During the show itself I counted at least two commercials for Time/Warner that attacked Direct TV and said it was crap.

Didn't we learn anything from the Kerry/Bush Campaign? Can't we promise not to sling mud? See how well it worked for new president?

Yes, we will take your money and then quickly shank you twice. Enjoy.

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Luggage Tuesdays said...

That's probably because you're watching Time Warner cable which inserts their own commercials into shows. All the big boys do it. We watched the finale on DirecTV and saw no Time Warner commercials, even after the finale where Mackey grows a beard and afro and follows the Dead(did not happen).