Monday, November 17, 2008

DL Hughley Breaks the news

DL Hughley ended his CNN show with "The Sugar HIll Gang" singing "Rapper's Delight." The whole show was really good and I love that that had the TSHG - no need for the latest fly by night band - why not someone everyone loves?

When Hughley took a second to interview them he told his audience - "This ain't your dad's CNN." Meaning that he hipped up the channel. Well it depends on who's father.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys have this joker on the air. Who decided to bring him on to this network? His views are biased, there is no content in what he brings to the show, and frankly he IS just NOT funny. Comming from a man that is not white, the whole black man oppressed by the white man is just played out. I'm tired of hearing it all over the place joking or not. I can't take this guy seriously, I gave it a chance three times and I honestly could not help but to change the channel to try to find some real news. You know what, forget it I give up on Cnn. Bye

Media Yenta said...

you know a song is old when they rapper is showing off that he has a color TV. That's like saying, "My phone is push button."