Saturday, November 15, 2008

At the Trader Joe's

While grocery shopping at the swanky TJ's on 3rd, I was approached by a man in his sixties. We were in the frozen food isle (Or "Isle of Frozen Food) and he started a conversation. He recommended the BBQ Chicken Teriyaki in a bag.
"It's great when you are alone, like me. It's enough for two meals, when you are alone like me. It's good for a bachelor." How did he know I was a bachelor? The randomly chosen soups, cheese and one tomato?

I'm hung over and staring at the bag now. I feel like I have hit a new all time low, so eating this chicken is appropriate.

Maybe I should call this guy. Get brunch at Urth Cafe or play hoops at West Hollywood park or go to the Abby for Happy hour and tell people while we are not gay, we are not looking for trouble, just a half price choco-tini.

Wait, this is for a microwave. I don't have a microwave. What a waste. YOU MEAN you could tell I live on my own, but you can't tell I don't like microwaves in my home - it feels too much like the office? Party is over!

All time low.

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