Tuesday, November 18, 2008

shows that are pulled from the TIVO

Ok, it's a DVR, but I'm embarrassed like it's the Pathmark version. I was a middle class kid in a rich town. It was embarrassing to grow up with only one cleaning lady.

My new DVR can only hold a certain amount of stuff and HD takes up so much room that I have to let some shows go.
So these are TV series that I gave up on watching and is gone forever. I would rather delete it than watch it.

First to go, like most years, was Prison Break. Last season it took a couple of seasons to declare the plot ridiculous. They are sent to a lawless Panama prison where everyone is American and no one wears Tommy Bahama.

This season all the characters find each other and are working for the government. Like the last season of the A*team. That show ended after season 2.

Then, this was a hard one, Pushing Daisies. I really like the show, but they all seem the same. No development. Every episode was the same. I think it's gone anyway.

People say you can't make movies about Hollywood b/c it's too inside and middle America doesn't get it. So my next victim is the biggest insider show of them all. "House." I'm no doctor, I can't guess the ending. I don't know what tests they should run or what it means. Like most people I just watch it because Dr. House is a great character. But I ain't gots the space. So the Doctor is out!

I gave up Ugly Betty, but I went back this weekend to watch last weeks show. It's like throwing out a delicious chocolate cake, only to brush it off and eat it the next morning.

I'm holding out hope for "Boston Legal" which cut out most of the smaller characters and concentrates now on Spader and Shatner. I guess the budget was cut and they figured they needed to use their stars. The show is comfort food. SInce it's the last season I can't delete it. I can't watch it either.
Finally, I'm holding out hope for "Life on Mars." The writing is sloppy and goofy, but I'm holding out hope that it will figure itself out. My guess is they will change show runners.

BUT I have to point out that last week's episode, the one with the hostage situation, used the exact same daunting music that you find on "Lost." You can't do that. It's someone else's style.

I will give the show credit for the episode. When I saw they were doing the old "Hostage" episode. I almost put myself in a coma. There's no bigger hack concept than a hostage situation at a bank. Where one of the characters accidentally shows up and the whole episode is an homage to "Dog Day Afternoon" without the gay parts.

But "LOM's" crisis was at a hospital and they were called there b/c they are cops. Whew. Besides the music issue, I thought it was a good episode. Hope for the future for a show about the past.

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