Monday, June 23, 2008

Not this time Durden!

There was an item on many of the gossip blogs(which I fully admit to reading-with my international coffee and Stella Dora breakfast treat) about some young lady from that the CW show. Her dog peed on her and her dress in the car. What did she do? She got out in front of a tons of bored paparazzi looking for something to shoot.

Now they will be stalking this woman to get more copy. "hey, how's our dog?" "You need any seltzer?"

Great. Was this a plan? Are they (the publicists or whomever) trying to push this girl on me now too? All in a desperate plea to make the unwatched show more popular than its "OMFG" ad campaign? The campaign did wonders for slang, but not much for ratings.

No! Not this time.

You got me with Paris Hilton. When she was on the cover with her sister of Stuff or FHM or some other defunct men's mag, I proudly declared that these women had no reason to be famous. I was right.

But the sex tape and the constant media attention got me hooked. Then she got a reality show with her best friend. I fell for that and read all about Nichole Richie. She did not disappoint. Right when worrying about her weight was getting boring she drives the wrong way on a highway. Hooked again.

Paris had BFF's coming out of the wood work. I fell for that Kim Kardashian way before the sex tape. But she even had a sex tape. You got me. Then Kim brought in her entire family. They love the camera.

One great ep. was Kim worried that they were going to talk about her sex tape on Tyra Banks. What else are they going to talk about? Burma? Oh, right... This is real...

Now they want me to care about this woman from a very low rated prime time soap who can't even afford a wee-wee pad? I got my hands full with Britney, Lindsay and various baby bumps.

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