Thursday, June 05, 2008

Entertainment Weekly takes a stand

EW picks who they think are the next A-list movie stars adn they don't care who they offend! take a stand Ew!
The new issue of "Entertainment Weekly" has gone out on a limb, taking a stand and doesn't care who disagrees with them. They are taking their fate into their own hand and possibly alienating publicists by picking what they call, "The New A-List."

They have chosen such controversial choices for the next big movie stars as the Dwayne Johnson (He should never have left the WWE!), Robert Downey Jr. (remember? From Ali McBeal?) and from FOX's "Undeclared" Seth Rogen.

They also point out young unknowns like Anne Hathaway, Ellen Page and Michael Cera and "Even Stevens" star Shia LaBeof.

Ew, continues to challenge Hollywood with their picks for teh Emmys. It starts off pretty edgy. They have the nerve to pick Alec Baldwin (won a Golden Globe last year), the guy who played Fraser, James Spader (who won for this role at least twice and once beat out Tony Soprano) and the guy who played Captain Kurtis Blow from that old forgotten show "Star Trekkers" or something.

Shatner has won the Emmy twice before, both times for the same character. That does not mean anyone would vote for him again?

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