Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celebs announced for "Match Game"

BloggerBuzz fills in two of the blanks by reporting that Sarah Silverman and Norm McDonald will be two of the panelist on the remake of "Match Game." No host has been announced. Sorry Jimmy Pardo! I guess there's still hope.
Pardo set up an online petition to get him to be a host. If you want to be a host of a show, get an agent to call a person. Maybe it will work. We still don't know. No host has been announced.
At least real and funny people have been cast. Not the usual suspects of professional celebrities. You know, Carnie Wilson, two out of three Brady boys, Steven Baldwin, Omarosa...
I would book Mo'nique. She would be great. Yes, I said it! I like Mo'nique! Well who would you pick?

Here's a funny page of celebs smoking on the Match Game.


isoS said...

Not to step on your well-crafted snark, but that petition was started by fans of the Match Game Live show at the UCB Theatre, not by Pardo himself. For the record, Pardo has an agent, and did audition for the show.

Media Yenta said...

Of course he has an agent and of course he auditioned. Those things will determine if he gets the job. I don't think the petition will have any weight.

Does Pardo know that there's a petition? Is he totally unaware? Maybe it should be mentioned on his podcast.

Let it be known that the Media Yenta loves Pardo as much as the MedMedia Yenta loves to refer to the Media Yenta in third person. No hate from this end. - The Media Yenta

Hot Cover Girls Central said...
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