Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer gal pal may win Oscar

The new most sort after writer in Hollywood? It's none other than the eye of the Spitzer controversy hurricane; high cost call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

After the success of striper-turned-Oscar winner over writer, Diablo Cody, agents and managers have been looking for the next Juno.

"I don't know if she could write, " said one agent/suitor, "But I know it'll be a great story. Not the movie's story, but her's. Right now America loves former sex industry workers who can write."

"Diablo uses an alias," added an agent turned manager after he was fired from his agency, " So does Ashley, I mean 'Kristen.'"

One possible script idea pitched from a hit hungry studio exec; "She can do a movie about a pregnant teenage girl who only talks in rhyming couplets."

So far offers for a reality show has been turned down because the $5,000 a night hooker didn't want the pay cut.

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