Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Duality" worst word ever.

Whenever I hear an actor or mostly it's directors, use the term "duality" I have to shut off. It's so pretentious. What bullshit.

I hate that term. It has no concrete meaning for me. It doesn't answer the question.

The first time I heard it used was with a radio interview with Christopher Coppola in 1994. He was promoting his second film and follow up to "Dracula's Widow" called "Deadfall."
I only "Deadfall" because at the time the poster for the movie was up on our college cafeteria wall. It's not such an honor when you account for the other movies on the wall. The place was decorated with large posters of crappy movies. As if some RA went to the dumpster of the local video store and pulled out all the posters. Except our one video store did not carry any of the movies that we stared at all day. You would think someone would figure that out.
Right now the only other movie I could remember seeing was "Suffering Bastards" a comedy with a pre Oliver Stone John C. McGinley and a pre "Showgirls" Gina Gershon. I did suffer through that film (get it?). I found it at K-I-M-s video in NYC a place that had a huge library of movies including bootlegs and promo tapes. This was one of them.

Christopher Coppola was interviewed on some show I don't remember. The interview was more interested in how he got Cage. They are brothers. Not an interesting story. Plus he's in one scene and the director wanted to talk about the importance of his film. Fine. the real story is the film.

He dropped the "D" bomb.

"It's the duality of it that I love." Duality of what? What are you talking about? This is a detective film - what duality?

So last night while listening to Elvis Mitchell on "The Treatment" his guest went right into dangerous territory. Neil LaBute the writer and director of "In the company of Men" and the Nick Cage Classic, "Wickerman" was talking about his new play "Some Girl(s)." He utilized the "d word" only 3: 00 into the podcast.

To me it's like "Chilean sea bass," it just sounds pretentious. It's bass. It's a fish, of course it's from the sea. "Really? Not the public pool?" What if it's from the ocean? Who cares?


Christopher Coppola said...

I have always had problems with pretentious people. But, I have a lot more problems with people that use the term "douche" to describe something. What I sense is truly going on here is a very sad, frustrated little man has not found his own voice yet. Perhaps if you rose above being so cynical and jaded you will. I encourage you to tap into the Creative Process from your heart and not your insecurity and hatred. Good luck.

Media Yenta said...

You're right. No reason for me to be overly mean and nasty. Too cheap and easy. I changed the post. I still hate that word. So it's about that word. Sorry I was being a douche bag.

-Media Yenta

Christopher Coppola said...

No problem. Just so you know, I am not a big fan of "Deadfall" or the over use of the word "duality" either. I don't remember that radio interview, but I think I might have been talking about my use of the twins in the movie.

Melinda said...

Wait ... what? What is going on? Did you call Christopher Coppola a douche? Isn't he the guy who travels with the black cat on his shoulder? Isn't that, by definition, the opposite of douche? Black cat! Black! Cat! Jeesh.