Sunday, March 09, 2008

SNL's latest scene stealer

There's a new break out star on Saturday Night Live. Not The very funny Kristen Wigg or the new supporting player who's a total natural fit (I'd put her name her but I forgot it and it's not on the SNL site - if they don't care, then I don't!).

The new standout is the extra in the latest installment of the "Penelope" saga.

Penelope is a very funny character where Wigg tops whatever the last guy just said.

This week we find our heroine at driving school. Even though it's Wigg's job to be larger than life, it's the smiling teethy background extra that chews up scenery like a hyperactive puppy. Her mugging is so huge that my wallet is missing.

She's looking right at the camera. LOOK AT THE GUY TALKING! REACT!

I don't know who this deer-in-the-headlights girl is, but she's had more screen time in the one sketch than Kenan Thompson had all last season.

I would say that SNL should do a sketch about it, but I think they already did. It might have been Martin Short as an extra asking for motivation.

If that person is reading this and is upset, don't be. You're a public figure.You're a TV star.
I think I'm hypnotized by her stare. "I'm a chicken, Marge. I'm a chicken!"
Seriously, has anyone seen my wallet?


Anonymous said...

Being an extra on SNL is an honor, especially if you're one of those children extras they use around Xmas time, because you get to stay up late and be on live TV, which is more than your fellow NYC child actors, and you can lord it over your them at private school, you can say, "I'm going over my friend Marci's house. You know, Marci Klein."

deluca said...

yenta, nice mention on the apiary- stop giving your shit away, how will you ever be recognized as the force you are?

babypusher said...

Ha ha. I noticed her too. I assumed she was someone's girlfriend. too cute.

I did think you were going to talk up Casey. She fu-uh-unny.

Anonymous said...

If you have the desire to see her in action with a speaking role:

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Fallon breaks character all the time. She is NOT smiling the entire time, probably just laughed because the sketch was funny. Why the need to pick on an extra? Is that really necessary?

tarheel johnny said...

How high were you bloggers when you turned this on? She's completely fine. She smiles once. Horrors. She's really cute too. They happened to frame her center between a wide gap in the actors so you see her and she was fine background action. Did I say she's cute? I'd like to see her as a recurring character.

Anonymous said...

Why are freeze framing an extra and distorting her image? Wow! You are catty now trying being funny or accurate.