Monday, March 10, 2008

Kathy Lee may Join Today. 26 out of 32 of Ms. Anderson's cats approve

Speculation is running wild that former Regis partner, Kathy Lee Gifford will join the Today Show as the host of their new 10 AM hour.

Spirits are high after last week when NBC's media research team concluded a scientific survey. They held up a picture of Kathy Lee that was taped to a picture of the Today Show set to the cats of Ms. Dorris Anderson. 26 of the 32 cats seemed to either enjoy or at least not walk away from the photo.

This is the high percentage that they needed. Not to say it was a landslide. The vote came down to Senior Fluffy Tail and Whiskers 3.

"It's important you got that endorsement," said Ms. Anderson from her one bedroom apartment on 182 Street. "Wiskers 3rd pretty much runs the remote. We all watch what she wants. Would you like some Sanka?"

It's NBC's hope that they can extend the love of the Today show to eventually last all day.

Full disclosure: This reporter did not have the Sanka.


NBC tried something similar before about ten years ago. They created a post Today Show show called After Today. They basically ripped off the View before the show was that popular. they had three female hosts one of them was Florence Henderson. They all wore matching flight attendant type outfits. It was very strange.

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