Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally - A reason to go to strip clubs

In Hollywood imitation is the highest form of art. If something worked once for someone then everyone figures it will work for them. Also you can't lose y telling your boss that you are working on something that is working.

That's why agents are rushing to strip clubs.

The latest flavor of the month is computer programmer turned stripper turned blogger turned memoirist turned screen writer who wrote the over written "Juno."

That's why when you ask an agent where they've been all day, they will proudly tell you, "The strip club." These fearless men and one sexually harassed woman spend hours gawking at dancers taking off their tops to the latest R&B sensation or "Hell's Bells" from AC/DC and negotiating lap dances. "It's research," one high powered agent in training was overheard telling his assistant in training when he threw down a bunch of receipts from "Jumbo's Clown Room."
(Yes, as you can tell from the club, it was an ICM agent. That's their turf.)

Strippers too are getting into the act. Instead of telling a customer the classic tale of "just doing this to get through law school while raising a kid," the savvy stripper talks about the screen play they are writing about a teenager who speaks in pop culture references and (fill in the blank).

So if you are looking for the next Robert Towne or you have a screenplay you've been dying to write (and you're willing to add Emo Rock) I have one piece of advice for you:

"Get on the pole."

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