Saturday, December 15, 2007

Proof that Snoop is high

Can someone tell Snoop Dogg that he's rich and famous? He's a huge recording star, he doesn't need to do cameos on bad TV shows or be in crappy movies. He certainly doesn't need to do a faux reality show on E! How much could E! be paying him? $10.95?
It makes sense for Peter Brady and his reality show wife or the Kardashians who are not famous for anything to have one of those shows - but a certified hit maker? Why E!? Did he pitch it around and no one wanted Snoop on their channel? I doubt that.
Couldn't he just You'd think if he wanted to do a sitcom he could.

The show had huge ratings. No shit!

Stop illegally down loading Snoops music! He's forced to do this crap!

The show follows all the formulas for a reality. teh wacky family members taht can be boiled down to a type. The wife - "boss ladt." She cleans and tells snoop what to do. The son who's the ladies man - he looks and acts like the character of Chris' brother on the sitcom "Everbody Hates Chris."

There's the cooked story lines, Snoop goes to the doctor and is afraid of needles...guess what? There's a needle. He takes yoga for the first time. What a coincidence! Pretty soon he'll go to a spa.

Why do all reality show people go to a spa? Is that interesting to watch? It is to do - but to watch other people? I'm not sure if they introduced the pet yet. all these shows have a cute pet.

Snoop, put the bong down and get off E! Then pick it up again and do another album.

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