Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PA Bootcamp

No this isn't Crunch's latest exercise class- although you could strengthen your abs by dodging cell phone while holding hot cups of coffee.

It's an actual course you can take to learn how to, among other things, dodge cell phones while holding hot cups of coffee.

It's a two or three day course on how to do an entry level job. The job is totally basic- someone asks you to do something and you do it right away. No complaints or questions asked.

They teach you things like walkie talkie speak and what different items are on the grip truck.

Maybe that is useful. I remember hearing and retelling the joke on set, "How many PA's does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Answer: "What's a light bulb?"

But isn't that part of being a PA? Learning on the job? You pay me low wages for long hours and I'll run around and do the crappiest of jobs.

If you are going to spend $300 and two days- what about an actual film course? I'm sure they will cover some basics there too.
The prices are:
2 Day Intensive Weekend Course - $250.00

3-Day " Relaxed " Course During the Week - $350.00

All this can get you a job that can pay you up to $100 a day! Where do I sign up? And should I take a class on how to sign up for classes?

But if they "school" can promise job placement, then any amount of money is worth breaking into the business.

I started out as an intern on an after school special. I worked mainly in the office. My first day on set I asked someone what time they thought we'd finish, "What the fuck? We finish we get all the shots. What the fuck?! IS this your first time on a set?" Well yes.

Under a list of duties they do list "out times." See, right there I would've known. They also list Crafty vs. Catering (NO! they are NOT "the same).

Maybe if I took a course, I would've known that and saved a little bit of embarrassment. But i was working on the short film for free so I was allowed to be stupid because in exchange for doing paper work, I learned what it means to work on an actual film and it lead to other jobs and a cool wrap party.


my'sb said...

Speaking of low-paying entry-level jobs, you can also pay for videogame tester classes.

Anonymous said...

I took this Bootcamp and it's AMAZING. I don't know how people expect to survive on set without proper training. (No offense, but the job is SOOOO MUCH more than fetching coffee. It's a JOB!)

I got my first job from a friend, and the 2nd A.D. was impressed because I was what they call a "political hire" and they figured I wouldn't know a thing. I mentioned that I took the Bootcamp and she nodded, she knew about it. She said that before Bootcamp people would "burn their first set of contacts" because they did such a crappy job. They wouldn't get invited back.

The AD staffed me on her next show, and I've been working steady ever since.

So I say "Thank You P.A. Bootcamp." They're really helpful.

p.s. I'm a film school graduate and NO...they don't "cover some basics there too."

p.p.s. Most P.A.'s make $120/12hrs which is closer to $150 per day, so I made my course money back in 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Before "judging" this camp, one really ought to attend it FIRST. We'd like to thank all who have taken time to write in about P.A. BOOTCAMP in a positive light. For you others that have so much to say without ever having attended, maybe you should contact us and SIGN UP, first BEFORE throwing your negative opinions around. If you want to, at the VERY LEAST, get an opportunity to START in the entertainment industry, we will see you at camp.

Anonymous said...

PA Bootcamp is awesome. I got my first PA job with 20th Century Fox
within weeks of graduation, and thanks to PA Bootcamp I was prepared
to handle any task that came my way. PA Bootcamp gives invaluable
information that you simply don't learn in any film school (trust me -
I have a film degree). PA Bootcamp is the best thing you can do to
start your future in the film & television industry. Thank you PA

I am now currently working as a production assistant for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and before that, I was a production assistant on the FOX pilot, "Nurses," so things are going wonderfully.

For anyone looking to brake into the industry, PA Bootcamp is a must. I loved it! And it's damn cheap for the amount of information you get. Also, I must give major props to my drill sergeants. They were so knowledgeable and very experienced in production assistant work. They thoroughly covered the basics of being an effective PA. I can actually read a call sheet now!!!

Anonymous said...

P.A. BOOTCAMP was incredibly informative and helpful...well worth the money! I
learned lots in 4 years of film school, however what I learned in 2 days of PA bootcamp
was much more relevant and practical. With the training I received at the bootcamp,
I feel I actually have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in future
PA jobs. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions,
and the guest speakers provided very interesting perspectives on various aspects
of life on the set. Yes, you could probably get a PA job without going to the camp,
but I wouldn't recommend doing it on your own. There are so many facets of
being a PA, and for myself (a 4-year film student), the bootcamp was both a wakeup
call to how much I DID NOT know, and a motivating force to go out and apply all
that I now DO know. If you want to be a PA and don't want to make a fool of
yourself (or get fired on initial jobs), do yourself a huge favor by signing up
for the camp.

the autistic blogger said...

your information reg pa bootcamp could use a revision as most of the information you provide about us is inaccurate starting with the PRICING.

Adam Spiegelman said...

Check the date of the post.

Adam Spiegelman said...

Check the date of the post.