Tuesday, December 04, 2007

five minutes of Imus - a review

I work up at 4 AM LA time this morning. So it only made sense to check out Imus' second day on the air. I'm more curious now because one of the new side kicks was a PA at a show I worked on ten years ago. So I was only really listening for her. But here's something I noticed: The I man says nothing. He directs traffic, but it's teh other people who attack. A guy doing a half assed Dr. Phil impression made jokes about the former station that broadcasted his show - calling MSNBC "swampland" (it was in Jersey, get it?)- and making fun of their new home. But not Imus. He just laughed. The comments were obviously written and planned. How do I know that it was written? Because he was obviously reading. It was like a community theater production of Oklahoma with bad accents and all.

My former co-worker was fine. She also off the top of her head went into a totally prepared section. She addressed the critics and press. She started out by saying, "Imus, I know you said don't read the press, but I had to..." Imus didn't respond, he just waited for her next line. "They said I was Jewish, black and from Texas (She is the latter two). Like you hired kinky Friedman and he became balck and a woman." They all laughed at this comment that made little sense.

"They got this idea I was Jewish from my stand up. I say I feel like a JAP because I'm high maintenance." They all laughed. That was a shitty comment, right? She's like a Jew b/c she's high maintenance?

I let it slide because th next part made me laugh, "While other people are thinking about what their kids will look like, I'm thinking about picking the right nanny. I want to be a good mother." Funny.

Th rest didn't make much sense. Other people said controversial jokes while Imus sat by and hoped no one would complain.

"It's not me, it's that whacky black, female Kinky Friedman." Wait, did she say Kinky? Like his hair?

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MY'sB said...

I watch it on RFD TV. Cattle Auctions are more interesting.