Friday, February 08, 2008

A waste of a Monday

There's been bad TV shows before. None as bad as "Welcome to The Captain." This laughless snoozefest is just that. That's all I got.

i don't want to be the blogger dude who snarks and shits on everything. But this show was so bad I needed to vent. This show might put the writers back on strike or at least re-think life.

This young mis-understood writer can't catch a break in Hollywood. he decides it's LA's fault and threatens to move home to NYC where apparently it's so much easier to get a movie made. His best buddy (Stereotype # 1) is a womanizing, sleazy manager named "Marty." Oh the guy is like 27. Somehow his parents were hoping to give birth to a 60 yeah old butcher. Seriously, I've been in LA for almost 10 years and I never met a guy...I've been in LA for almost ten years. Wasn't I going to do more with my life? How did I end up here for so long?

"Marty" gets this guy into his huge apartment complex packed with wacky characters fresh from other shows. For some reason theres a concierge at an apartment complex - it's the only ethnic character on the show. OH, here's a twist on the same old shit you get on TV, he's lazy and a smart ass. Oh, and he's due back on the set of Faulty least on that show he was just dumb like everyone else...I've been in LA for ten years.

There's Raquel Welch plays the super horny cougar, and then there's the blond love interest that he falls instantly in love with but can't have until season three when the ratings start to sag.

At the end of the episode they pull the camera back to reveal how huge the building is. "Shit there's got to be at least 300 people living there. There must be better stories in that building.

It's not so much that it's not good. It's not funny. At all. Nope. the structure is there, but no funny moments. People always complain about laugh tracks, but I wish I had one so i would know when to laugh. The actors seem to pause after an joke as if they had to wait for a laugh. Don't bother.

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Bailz said...

It's not a good show, but at least Al and Tambor are funny. The show absolutely sucks without them on screen though.