Friday, February 15, 2008

Bill Maher, can we stop writing your show now?

With the writers strike ending, I hope this means Bill Maher will stop having America do his work. Anyone whose seen his HBO show could tell you pre-strike it was very written. The opening monologue, the sometimes pre and mid show sketches and the very funny cherry topper, "New Rules." Without the writers all but his opening routine are gone. Instead we get to hear from corespondents and us.

His monologue was pretty funny - not the usual out of the ball park the show normally delivers, but give the guy a break. I will. Right now. So good job and that. That's awesome. But I did notice a lot more pot and stripper references now that it's his lone voice. Write what you know.

Maher started to do man on the street and couldn't stop. See Joe Lunchbox at the Farmer's Market (LA Shows either go to the Farmer's Market on Fairfax, outside teh Kodak Theater, or 3rd Street Promenade) is not in any TV union. The first time he did it, he would ask someone who he/she was voting for and then the host would tell them why they were wrong. The stunned human would not usually have something to say back. In following weeks Bill went to an old age home and in the same ep, had a reporter go to a black hair salon. This week he did some exit polling.

Bill became nicer to his unprepared regular person guests as time went on. They also moved up the internet questions to end out the show.

Hopefully they will keep bringing in a co-host mid show. It just breaks it up.

I do love love when something goes wrong and he goes nuts. Let's do more of that!

I'm not trashing him. Just noticed a lot of man on the street. Now that the strike is over, people can eat lunch at the Farmer's Market in peace.

I agree with this blogger! But not all of it. Bill's comment was stupid. But I don't know about this woman's crappy college experience.

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