Monday, February 18, 2008

Reporters Demand Real Juno

Reporters around the country are crying foul to the studios for getting their hopes up for a great interview but giving them a boring Cody and Page.

After viewing a movie about a outgoing teenager with a vast and strange vocabulary written by a former stripper - entertainment reporters couldn't wait to talk to both the writer and star. They jumped at the change of quotes riddled with references that would take months to decipher and tales from the other side of the pole that would make readers on the subway and watcher at home blush.

Instead they got monotone, humble answers that one would expect from Barry Peeper on Inside the Actors studio. Peter Bart of Variety even resorted to trying to get Ellen Page to recount a story she told on Letterman on his "Shootout" show. Page was matter of fact when she restated that her home was once a bordello.

Diablo Cody defended her main character's strange way of over speaking by saying that she speaks that way herself, but as one reporter complained, she did in it in a boring manner. "She defended her witty banter without using any," complained on reporter who then thanked the studio for free shrimp.

Th reporter went on to say that even though Cody says she "Never gets bored" with talking about being a stripper, her stories are always boring.

After being burned by boredom and sincerity the nation and international press has asked to speak to Juno herself, They are demanding to talk to the character either pre post baby. "Either way, hearing about kicking and vomitting has got to be better copy."

FOX Searchlight has responded with a Juno soundboard. Reporters can do call a toll free number and ask any question. Pre-recorded answers from the movie Juno and the Juno character will respond.

When asked about taking responsibility of the mistake the film company made by using the real movie participants, a Fox spokesperson stated by phone, "That's one diddle you can't undo, homeskillet."

Examples of interviews or "Exhibit A":

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