Monday, February 04, 2008

Lost - the ultimate recap

Lost recently returned. In order to get the most new viewers (people who are ready to try it now that there's nothing else to see) the network aired 3 hours of recap shows.

Here's my recap of the series Lost in just a few lines...

Season 1: Wednesdays at 8 - The show comes on TV like a house on fire. Great special effects, mysterious monsters, people with powers, strange French women...It seemed like the writers never thought the show was going to last more than 12 episodes and just wrote great stories and didn't worry about answering any questions. The season ends with a bang.

Except the mysterious monster turns out to be a low budget smoke monster that would make Sid and Marty Kroft blush.

Season 2 - Wednesdays at 9 - Instead of answers we got new characters and new questions. Things are going fine, but every other episode feels like a is! The new mystery is if this week's show is going to be new or a rerun. It was on it's way to go the way of "Moonlighting."

Season 3 - Wednesdays at 10 - The airs six new episodes in a row. They are ok. Then they take if off for 13 weeks! In it's place they put a ridiculously stupid TV show where every day repeats itself until the cop gets the day right or the network cancels it.

Lost returns in the winter with the rest of the episodes pretty non stop. They are bad until two brand new characters at killed off (or are they) in a very cool Twilight Zone type story line. It's back! The season ends with a bang! The writers got us back!

Season 4 - Thursdays at 9 - we are promised only 18 episodes of the year, but with the strike we get 8. So far so good.

I hope this helps.

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