Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Trashy FOX, returns to its roots.

Fox has ordered a pilot for Spellbound (Warner Bros. TV) - a sort of reversed Bewitched where he's the witch and she's the mortal. Another pickup for Fox is a comedy called Sweden, Ohio where a teenage boy gets what all teenage boys wish for - a Swedish Exchange Student.

This is so FOX 1986. They were a new network then. They were desperate for a hit. A show about a guido (Matt Leblanc) and his father picking up chicks, a fallen angel and his confused teenaged mortal that turned into a show about two horny teenagers, a show about falling love (Duets) turned into a show about back stabbing real estate agents (Open House), a nice comedy about the president that turned wacky.

Besides the mega hit, "Married with Children," which would still be running today if they didn't move it's time slot 9 years into its ten year run, failed. All of them. Some how "Married..." Worked. Every other show with dumb hot broads and the dumber guys that gawk at them, bombed.
Now kids, you stay here and do nothing, while I go and do two more hit shows. Tah."

So here is Fox now, post Simpson, Bernie Mac, X Files, and even Joe millionaire, chasing after that 18-35 male demo, that's apparently very horny and not much else.

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