Thursday, February 12, 2004

"Don't take my show! I'll be funny, I promise."

Video is killing the radio stars
The end of an era

How American Idol is ruining pop music

By now everyone knows that LA morning DJ staple, Rick Dees was droped from his station of 23 years for flava of the month Ryan Seacrest. In Dees' goodbye address he claimed his show the most profitable radio show in America.

If that's true, then why let him go? Is Ryan that interesting? Can you make that much money and audience from a show that's established for more than a generation?

Why is Seacrest so appealing? I'm guessing Clear Channel, the media monster that owns the old Dees spot, wants to take the Seacrest morning show national. They are banking that they have the next Carson Daly.

Is he worth it?

My childhood favorite, Casey Kasem was dumped from, HIS American Top Forty, so they can make room to have Seacrest host the weekly show. Casey will continue to do a Weekly Top 20 show.

A young Casey Kasem. Artist rendering.

The last time Casey was replaced on AT40, it was done by none other than Shadoe Stevens. Who? What do you mean "who?" He was the hot guy of the moment at that moment. He was the voice of Hollywood Squares with John Davidson.


Ok, stop, not this is getting annoying. But, still a fair question.

Stevens with his huge 80's hair, quickly became popular, or so they said. Along with announcing the show, he got his own square. But the question is, how much was that a way to fill another square?

Stevens went to star in a low budget feature, and even a TV show that lasted about a minute. But for that moment, he had buzz. At that time, his agent was able to get him jobs he never should've have gotten.

Was the American public looking for a Shadoe Stevens sitcom?
That's what this country needs!

So now, back to year 2004, or as historians will call it, the Tom Bergeran era, Ryan Seacrest is the host of the #1 with a bullet, TV show. He's on FOX 3 nights a week on this mega train.

Do people watch the show for Seacrest?
No, the star of the show, besides Simon, is the show itself. That's the star.

Would they watch it if Seacrest wasn't the host?
Of course.

Seacrust was able to first take his hosting success to daytime TV and 20th Television. They developed a brand new live show, something that we have never seen before. Entertainment news, celeb interviews, live bands, a large picture window as a back drop, and scream fans with signs. Nothing like TRL on MTV...ok exactly like it. To be fair they are trying to make the show their own. Seacrust has had on all the American Idol people you can think of as guests. Everyone. Now what?

There has to be those good talkers but B list celebs to fill a space. Also the in studio games helps kill time. Doing remotes where a fan can win a trip to see their favorite singer/American Idol person.

Clear Channel, the media monster, had used it's clout to get some big music names to come on the show. The rumor is that MTV shot back and told the artists to appear on TRL first or else. Another rumor is that MTV stopped showing Britney videos during the day, because of her recent Seacrust performance. With all the brew-haha about Janet's tit, it's feasible that MTV is putting racier videos at night only.

At the end of the day, his ratings?
Not great. he's getting a 1.1, which isn't much.
check out the other shows:

Oprah (8.8), Dr. Phil (5.5), Live! With Regis & Kelly (4.3), Maury (3.6),
Jerry Springer (2.9), Montel (2.8), Ellen (2.3), Ricki (1.6), Sharon
Osbourne (1.4), John Edward and Living it Up! With Ali & Jack (1.3 each),
Good Day Live, Starting Over and Wayne Brady (1.2 each), John Walsh and On
Air With Ryan Seacrest (1.1 each), Ask Rita (0.6)
(From Media and Mark Marc Berman)

The only show he's beating is Ask Rita, and she's on at like 3 Am in most cities. Shows that have been cancelled, Osborne, Edward, Brady, Walsh, are doing better than him. So it's nothing to crow about.
Who's that?

Carson Daly's 1:35 AM talk show averages about a 1.5. Daly?s show is also cost effective. It's cheap to do, so it makes a profit even at 2AM. Seacrust is a big money gamble.

Is Seacrust such a draw, that they have to kill off institutions likes Dees and Kasem? Or will he be doing dinner theater with Shadow Stevens? Odd Couple anyone?

While we are asking questions, didn't Rick Dunkleman leave the super hot American Idol to pursue other avenues? Somehow, Seacrust has been able to work all his jobs in.

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