Monday, February 23, 2004

From imdb 2/23/04:

ABC Touting Oscars on Sitcoms, Soaps

ABC has…upped the number of promotional spots for the Oscars on its primetime sitcoms, including references to the awards in the scripts…The Wall Street Journal said that writers of the sitcoms agreed to insert the Oscar plugs because they felt that ABC would give their shows additional promo time…Similar references to the Oscars have also been written into the scripts
for General Hospital, One Life to Live and All My Children, the WSJ said.

Today, on General Hospital:
-Doctor, will my twin sister survive?
-She’s got as much of a chance of Jude Law winning
Best Actor.

And later, on My Wife and Kids:
Damon: Whoops, I forgot our anniversary! Think Mom
will forgive me?
Kids: Think Jude Law will win Best Actor?

- As ghost-written by Media Yenta’s Brother

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