Saturday, August 09, 2003

Things that have to go.

Years ago, the funny David Letterman did a bit where he talked about phases that have to stop being said. The one that stands out was "Go for it."

I have a new list and like the old list, I can only remember one thing on it.

Movies and TV shows have to stop saying. "I learned it from the Discovery Channel."

Whenever a character spits out some facts the other guy asks how he knows that he says something to the point of "I watch a lot of Discovery Channel."
That's just embarrassing. You didn't read that? You don't just remember that elementary fact from school?

It was funny ht e first time, but now I'm afraid that it's always going to be said all the time.

In Bad Boys II they went there. Oh they went there. Wil Smith said "The Learning Channel."

I can't watch those channels. I know people do. It just reminds me of those really boring film strips we watched in school.

I have et to say that I learned something from the Game Show Network.

"Johnny asked Susie to hold his BLANK."

Also, PLEASE STOP using this line in movies as a punch line. "For shizzle my nizzle." No one knows what that means, even Snoop Dogg. And it's to a point that it's obvious one person only wrote it or heard it from another movie using that same joke.

People don't say that fizzle thing anyway. It was old and dated the first time it came out of Dogg's mouth. It's just took a while to get to the white man's type writer and onto the scene.

I also don't like the term "off the chain." It just doesn't make sense. If something is not great, is it still on the chain? How is something on the chain in the first place? That must be hard. But I've heard people actually say it, so it can't be so bad... Which is good.

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