Saturday, August 02, 2003

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Jumping on the Gay (bandwagon)

Since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy became such a hit, the buzz is that over-the-top gay men are in! Thank God, I have an angora sweater I've been dying to debut. Hello, sailors!

Other shows are following suit. Casting calls will go out for "Queer Eye Types." Replaced will be the "Matha Stewart Types" and the "Steven Coocha-CooCha-Gara Types."
Sorry STEVEN COJOCARU, even you are too low key now. He's been very busy. Maybe now the People Magazine maven and Access Hollywood whore can take a break and relax his streched out face. The good news is that he does have a call back for Chacka in the Land of the Lost movie.

I saw Queer Eye the other night. It a great show. I think that part of the show's success is that the show is really good. I mean the men are funny and all, but the editing and the casting are the real stars. They try and find a story with some drama built in and they are sure to get out information. Once again Hollywood has taken the most obvious part of something good and whittles it down to that. "Our entire show can suck, as long as we have 5 queens we're fine."

The new thing is that gay men know how to do things and they can be put to use like a mule to help the straight white man. We always bring it back tot he straight white man.
Isn't that right Queen Latifah? Who took her Oscar nominated bad self over to Steve Martin's crib to teach him how to live life.
Isn't that right box office champ Wil Smith who brought his world famous self over to the golf course to teach Matt Damon how to golf and live life despite having the world's largest teeth?

Gay and Black culture is not treated like culture on TV or in movies. It's treated as an oddity that can help us.

NBC took the hit episode off Bravo, cut it in half to 30 minutes and aired it with some success at 9:30 after Will and Grace.* I think they have the right idea, but go in the other direction. They should plan large 1 hour specials and have them ready for sweeps.

Last night, while drinking with a few choice friends at one of the few outdoor bars in a town where the weather is always great, I spoke out about the Queer Eye to a female friend. I asked her if she was offended that it's a show about 5 men telling another man what women want. Not 5 women.

She informed me that it was 5 gay men. I told her I knew that, but it's still men telling men that women want. She informed me that I didn't understand women and after that statement, I really didn't understand women.

She also went on to tell me that her show is looking to add 5 men to tell men what women want too. I suggested she add women, but she laughed me off.
"No, it's all about five gay men."

If you want to know what women want, go to the source, not the guy at the White Party.

Bravo has another gay teamed reality show hit. It's about a guy who has 15 guys to choose from to date. BUT! The rub is that some of the gay guys aren't gay! So if he picks the guy who's straight, the main guy has to turn him by the end of the episode. That's where the challenge is!

I thought Bravo was a channel for quality shows and movies, not risky reality shows that even NBC is too scared to air. How is this show a good companion to "Inside the Actor's Studio?" Unless of course Kevin Spacy is the guest. (Just kidding. Please don't sue. I'm not saying that's true.)

*(Will and Grace in case you don't know is a successful sitcom about a woman married to a dreamy doctor and her best friend, a gay man who hasn't had even a kiss since the show stared. We can have gay characters as long as they don't have meaningful, sexual relationships.)

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