Tuesday, August 12, 2003

From Variety:

Trio to share writing duties, $20 mil for redo
Peter Jackson will earn a King Kong-sized salary when he directs the ape remake: In one of the largest deals ever made with a director, Universal will pay $20 million against 20% of the gross.

Big mistake. I mean really. Peter Jackson is great. Always has been. Well, hit and miss, but always a good miss. But why "king Kong?" Why try and do it better.

Remember "Independence ay?" That was a huge hit. Tons of money. After that the film makers could write their own ticket. Next project? Anything they wanted. Next project? "Godzilla." and this movie was supposed to be better than the crappy old ones.

Well, it sucked. Who's idea was it to make his head flat? The movie bombed. People were complaining heated it wasn't as fun as the old ones.

But who said the old ones were worth remaking anyway? They were bad movies.

Same with "King Kong." It's nervie to say you can do better than either of those crappy films.
From Variety:

If greenlit, toon would bow in the 2004-05 midseason
Fox has combed "The Boondocks" to find its next major animated project. Network ordered a pilot presentation last week for a potential series based on the edgy comicstrip by Aaron McGruder.

This comic is great. Please don't fuzz it up by adding white people or something. Please let it be what it is. Remember, it's not "South Park." It's "Boondocks."