Wednesday, August 20, 2003

More things that have to go

Independent movies about the Mafia.
I like a good Mafia movie, but how many tough guys do we need?

I just saw a film made by Danny Provansono, a convicted criminal going to jail for extortion. He claims that there is no such thing as organized crime, but he made a movie about mob bosses, sit downs, and guys getting whacked.

The movie is real good, especially for a guy's first film. (Having said that, I can keep my thumbs). But why a Mafia movie? Doesn't he have stories about his life of crime that we can see that's not wrapped in a Sopranos wrapper?

One scene in "This Thing of Ours," that's off; Danny and his three buddies are in a back room of a Chinese restraint loudly telling stories about whacking guys and drinking Japanese rice wine.
1) Why so loud? I was waiting for the people at table 5 to come over and arrest them.
2) Wrong restraint!

If it's true that there's not organize crime and this guy did all this illegal stuff on his own, why not write about that? He could've redefined the Mafia movie by writing his own story.

Other movie genres that have to go:
1) Whacky but terrible bank robbers
2) Bounty hunters, bank robber, Jewel thieves, etc. out for one last heist.
3) Mean Streets rip offs.
4) Accidently killing a hooker and trying to hide the body instead of going to the police.