Monday, December 16, 2002

Like flies to shit

Robin Williams once said that when he was addicted to coke he'd go to any Hollywood party, because there would be drugs there. He'd "go to an opening of an envelope."

I feel the same holds for the very funny comedian Kathy Griffin when it comes to TV shows. I'm in NO WAY saying she does drugs. I doubt she could afford them anyway. But it would be a good explanation of why whenever a "celeb" is needed, she's there. She's been on every talk show, game show, and reality show. She was a special correspondent on the Halloween Parade alongside fellow TV whore Tommy Davidson.

If there's a show with the word "Celebrity" in the title, she's on the panel. OK, maybe not the boxing show, but let's wait for part 4.

I just saw her in the credits of the Anna Nicole "E! Exploits a grieving widow/unstable person Christmas special." That means she was on the show. Is there a show she hasn't done?

She outed Stephen Baldwin. When he called into the radio show she was on, she told the listeners that she and the slow brother were going to do "Celebrity Mole." She also said that each celeb got $25,000. I don't know if that's total or per episode.

She was in NYC to shoot a pilot for CBS where celebs and funny folk talk about shows that jump the shark. Too bad that show jumped the shark, halfway through taping the pilot. (Have I used that catty joke before?)

This new trend of TV casting will keep Kathy Griffin working to a point where we won't know why she was famous in the first place.

What is she famous for? She was on a sitcom that was canned a few years ago and that nobody liked.

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