Saturday, December 14, 2002

I was told by a reader that she'd enjoy the site better if there was an "About me" section.

About the Yenta

The Media Yenta is a mench who works in the entertainment business. He lives in the Hollywood Hills Adjacent Heights. He obtained the power of show biz insight. He could clearly solve programing gaps, plot twists, and celeb makeovers. But with increased media powers, he lost the ability to spell or proofread. The Yenta realizes the irony and enjoys using that word incorrectly. He also insists that "irregardless" is a word.

Media Yenta wants to let the readers know that this is not a gossip site. NOT! The Yenta works in the biz and has to look at these people every day. His site is meant to inform, provide insight, and let people know how smart he is. He also doesn't want to pull a "Ron Fineman" and lose his job.

He also supplies links to media news sites, jobs sites, and other media blog sites, making it possible to get your daily entertainment news from one place.

Media Yenta will never forget the last words of his Uncle Ben (no relation):
"With great power comes bad spelling."

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