Wednesday, December 11, 2002

The late-night doctor is in

From: Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis (12/11/02):
"FX is getting into the late night chat mode with Orlando Jones' new talker scheduled to debut this summer. Billed as an entertainment talk-variety show, the show will be just 30 m long, airing Monday-Friday."
Why? Why do we need another late-night talk show? Why does the network feel they need one? I mean, do all original programs after 11 p.m. have to be celebrity chat shows?

Anything would be good to prevent Jones from making any more movies, though. "Double Take" was the worst movie I saw all year, until I saw "Evolution."

They should spend their money on something the audience can't get on all the other channels. Is a celebrity chat show the only thing people will watch at night? I think Skinamax would disagree.

You can't say that. Orlando Jones is a big name, a draw if you will. A little network like FX should be thrilled to have him.

I hear ya, but after an initial sampling of the show, people will go away and back to what they watch. Then after 20 episodes, the thing gets canned and FX throws a bunch of Buffy reruns on.

Well, what would you do, you misspelling, high-on-the-hog, run-of-the-mill blogger?

Well, they should repurpose (or re-show) "Good Day Live," the Fox syndicated daily boobs and "news" show. I'd put it at 11 or 12. It's a stupid show, but it's sooooooooo brainless that it'd be perfect for falling asleep, or watching alone. They also go from story to story to story, perfect for flipping and zoning. It's perfect fast-food TV.

Why not reshow "Texas Justice?" It's their crazy daytime court show. For the smart upper-crust FX viewer, they can see something wacky without anyone knowing about it. Late night is the ultimate personal viewing experience. The viewer's spouse is asleep and the kids are in bed. No one will know what they're watching.

I know FX is trying to smart up the joint, but late at night people want to watch something different. They're alone, tired, and up for some reason. The late-night viewer wants something unique, totally crazy, and fun. Well, maybe a little dirty too.

TRIO is going to rerun the old NBC Letterman shows at 10 p.m. If it was at 11:30 I'd watch those over the new CBS Letterman shows.

ABC, NBC, and CBS all have talk shows. The network shows are already established and have a lot more money and pull than FX ever will. No one is turning down Leno to do Orlando.

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