Monday, December 23, 2002

From the "No Shit" section of the Hollywood Reporter:

Apollo Theater files trademark suit
Dec. 23, 2002

The legal saga of Harlem's famous Apollo Theater continues with the filing of a civil complaint in New York by the Apollo Theater Foundation against Western International Syndication and Inner City Theater Group for alleged violation of federal trademark law and unfair competition. Western International and Inner City Broadcasting produced and distributed the syndicated "It's Showtime at the Apollo." Western's association with the theater ceased earlier in the year, after which Western launched the entertainment series "Showtime in Harlem." The complaint filed Friday refers specifically to alleged infringements of the "Showtime at the Apollo" trademark. A statement by David Rodriguez, executive director of the Apollo, said: "The continued use of the Apollo Theater's trademarks by Western and ICTG's 'Showtime in Harlem' is the source of considerable confusion in the marketplace, in the mind of the consumer and among other interested parties, which injures and dilutes the Apollo's distinctive brands -- many of which have been symbols of the Apollo since 1934 -- and its affiliated properties, including the original 'Showtime at the Apollo.' This confusion, if it is not stopped, will hurt our ability to make needed improvements to the Apollo Theater and to carry out the important purposes of the foundation." (Steve Brennan)


The Showtime in Harlem totally stole the format, title, Sandman Sims, and hosts from "Showtime at the Apollo." I can't believe the rip-off show made it to the air.

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