Friday, June 18, 2010

2nd chance - for the "Proudly Resents" Podcast

Listen to a fun discussion of the movie on "Proudly Resents" on itunes or on

it's finally here! 
A while back I wrote about a BS 
who made shitty films. 
I finally found it on the internet. 
Was it worth the wait? Is this the worse movie ever made?


Anonymous said...

most of the names in his credits are fake names and mixed spelling of his own name... lame

Cali said...

the shirt and hat are Timothy James Sudano's UNIFORM, he wears them every day

Anonymous said...

here's something he almost finished, so many people put years into this

Anonymous said...

We're a creative workforce in a factory of imagination. With a playful whimsy and a love of the fantastic, we are a never ending fountain of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories with an originality all their own.

Founded as a playhouse production company in 1998, AOE blossomed into a film production house in 2000, and we've been cranking out films ever since.

Brendan said...

Thanks for this. I really enjoyed spending 90 minutes today listening to Proudly Resents,the Tim Sudano interview, and finally 2nd Chance.
I am pretty sure when she refers to "The Mackenzie Guide" she was supposed to say the Kinsey Report.
No one will notice.

Anonymous said...

lmao more from him