Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Brother cast

From this video we learn that CBS got 10 people in a  house that will say whatever a producer tells them. "Will I do anything to win, well almost." "I will use my gayness for good and evil." - How? Does that sentence make sense?

"I'm an observant Jew. I'm very strict. I might not use the same plates as them. I won't eat the same food." You know who's getting voted off always. Thanks for continuing to make us look annoying for being different.

There's a "Jersey Shore type." the Julie Chen, the host laughs when she says he's from Bayonne New Jersey. Julie is from "Queens"- ha! and her mom is from Ragoon! Ragoon! Wait, it's not the name that's funny. It's the stereotype of the New Jersey Italian. I get it. you know what? Forgetaboutit.

CBS took ten stereotypes - that look like Florida strippers, put them in a house and told them what to say. These guys can read a line.


Mary said...

Why Florida strippers, Yenta?

Are they really so different than strippers from anywhere else?

You're kiiiind of acting like Julie Chen with the Jews.

Spiegelman said...

Not "Jews," "Jersey."

Florida Strippers are tanner. They drink more orange juice.