Monday, July 28, 2008

This guy will make you famous

Comic/reporter is offering a change to get you some print...for a price. That's legal right? He's just writing a press release? Or an open minded article that just happens to be paid for by the subject that he is praising?

Here's the email he sent out:

Like many of you, I'm a standup comic. Some of you know me from hanging out at the Laugh Factory and Ice House. But some of you know me as well as a writer for the big LA alt-weekly paper LA Citybeat, the LA TImes, Pasadena Weekly and others.

Lately, I started asking a few comics and actor friends if they would be interested in a service that I just came up with recently: I would interview them and write a kick-ass story that is worthy of publication anywhere, and they could use it in their website and press kits. For an additional fee, I would get their tour dates and call newspapers in the towns and cities they're coming to, a month ahead of their shows, and try to sell the stories to those papers, garnering them press and making them look good to the clubs. This has worked out in San Diego, San Jose and Seattle papers so far. For another small fee, I have a layout artist from my newspaper design the article I write to really look like the piece is in a real newspaper.

You can go to my website,, and see many of my profiles, particularly in my Blog section under the blog "Famous and Funny People." Or in the "Stories" section, you'll see pieces on Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia and Michael Moore.
I can do that kind of story for you.

That kind of story is essential to publicity and press kits.
My fees are a fraction of what many other entertainment publicists charge - and you don't have to pay me month after month except for the small ongoing placement fee that I charge for making the pitches. And unlike nearly every publicity firm or publicist, I write an article for you that becomes your concrete property that you control. You actually are guaranteed something good that you can see and use for your money.

No more huge ongoing monthly fees to wonder if someone's going to get you in somewhere.Just good reasonable prices and great concrete publicity.

Drop me a line if you're interested and we'll talk/write.

Thanks for reading,
Carl Kozlowski

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