Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Bad Movie Night

Last night we saw three Good Bad movies. Two were duds on was classic. Eddie Murphy's "I Spy" and Chevy Chase's latest movie, "Funny Money" were just plain bad. Nothing Fun or funny about them. It's sad to think that Chase was Fletch, but he couldn't make this film work, at all. Plus, with all the face work, waxing and pulling it looks like Chevy Chase is wearing a CHevy Chase mask.

The great movie was "For Your Height Only." A cheapy 70's James Bond take off with a little person, Weng Weng, as the super spy "00." Filled with silly action sequences, butcher block editing and terrible script that's thankfully dubbed.

Each Filipino actor gets a different voice. One gangster is sounds like a Cagney impression, while another is a bad Bogart. The henchmen are a beautiful variety of ethic stereotyped voices. One Filipino sounds like an awful Latino stereotype. Yet another is an Italian American.

Here's the tarted up trailer someone did...

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