Sunday, May 13, 2007

These shows have been announced as pick up before the upfronts tomorrow.


“Sarah Connor Chronicles” - Terminator spin off. Sound cool. I hope they give it a chance and that it's good.
“New Amsterdam” (about an immortal NYC homicide detective) oh, brother
“K-Ville” Starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as cops in New Orleans after Katrina.
“The Return of Jezebel James” -
“Rules For Starting Over” Sex & the City with Men I give it less than 13 episodes

Kelsey Grammer’s “Back to You” - prob. very expensive. I say they keep it on all year no matter what. I would even guess they've already made a full season commitment.
“Til Death” escapes death, get it?


“Cashmere Mafia,”
“Dirty Sexy Money,” With Peter Crouse and Donald Sutherland “Pushing Daises,”
“Women’s Murder Club,”
“Private Practice” – the soulless “Grey’s Anatomy” spin off should go on Fridays to capitalize the success of Grey's. It's a rerun night for ABC, why not use this show as a way in? Or put it at Mondays at 10 after Super Nanny and Wife Swap. Do whatever you want. Who listens to me anyway?
“Eli Stone”
“October Road” – not so good, but as soap dramas go, good enough. Leave it on Thursdays at 10. It works. Stop messing around with that time slot. It needs stability. Wait are we still talking about TV?
They also have “Men in Trees”

“Sam I Am,”
“Carpoolers” with the Very funny Jerry Minor.
“Notes From the Underbelly” renewed

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