Sunday, May 13, 2007

Early word on Network pick ups

According to CNN all three Law and Orders will be back. The original LandO is back for an 18th season. Thank goodness! What would TNT show?
But wait! according to Law and Order: Criminal intent will first play on the NBC/Universal owned USA Network. Then rerun on the NBC network. Backwards from the normal way. ABC did that with Monk - they passed on the show and then it became a hit on USA so they toook it weeks later. It didn't fly on the network.


"'Law and Order: Criminal Intent' is perfect for USA -- smart, character-driven programming that's already a proven hit with our viewers," said Bonnie Hammer, president of USA Network and SCI FI Channel. "It's also a blockbuster procedural, a terrific complement to the award-winning 'Monk' and last year's top-rated new show, 'Psych'. Combined with the powerhouse WWE and the rest of the network's dynamic slate, it ensures that USA will continue to dominate the cable landscape and remain #1."

ooof. The good news is that you stay on the air - bad news you follow "psych."

I wonder if everyone will come back.