Sunday, May 06, 2007

As an academy member, every year around this time it's Christmas for TV shows. Everyday my mail box is stuffed with new and different TV shows in different packaging all looking for my attention. Back in the old days before everyone had a DVD player, you'd get huge boxes of VHS tapes. The best part was you always had blank tapes around to record something. The only thing crappy DVDs are good for is equally crappy coasters.

It's hard to say that if I'll watch all of them. It is hours and hours of TV time. It does help to know these things are out. The ones that I feel like I should vote on I'll watch. I'm not qualified to vote on all categories.

Plus you never know when you are having company. I don't like rings on the coffee table.

Here are some of the packages I've received so far...

HBO fit it's original shows, specials and concerts neatly in this huge box that stays together with a very powerful magnet. There was a documentary in it I wanted to watch. Saw it. Now I can vote on it. Thank goodness.

FOX sent all of it's big dramas in one box.

Each show only got one episode. Which is not a great idea since 24 and Prison Break are serialized shows. you might want to fork over a couple of episodes to get people hooked.

Showtime put all their shows in a neat little hat box.

Comedy Central sent one or two episodes of their shows all in the same box. Except for Sarah Silverman Program. That was sent by itself last month. That's the show that has the best chance of getting nominated. Also we might get to hear Jon Stewart be condescending and ungrateful again whene he is force to get up and accept another statue. The nerve of the academy!

TNT put all of it's shows in one booklet. The Closer won for best actress last year, so it has the best chance of winning this year. They put all the eps in this booklet along with all the eps of their Steve King mini series "Nightmares &/or Dreamscapes."

They also for some reason put in the silly "Librarian."

This takes away from my own TV time. What can I say, I love me some "Wings."

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If there's something you don't want...LOL