Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hollywood is filled with dreamers. I overheard (ease dropped on) two of them

Two guys in their mid- 40's. One guy sis pretty dirty.

Sad Guy in Shorts to Barista: I'm sorry to both you, but who is this music? Chuck Coltrane?

(At this point, I'm hooked)

Dirty guy to Sad Guy: You see I was screwed out of some stocks. I should have 20 grand, but I sold teh stocks and the company won't give me the money.
Sad Guy: I don't know i want to do better in life.
Dirty guy: are you appreciated or tolerated?
Sad: I don't know.
Dirty: you want to do better? Do you use the internet?
Sad: I go to the library. just to look up a couple of things...
Dirty: Ha, i can't do that. I have so many emails. this high (Shows with his hands)
Sad: Yeah.
Dirty: Do you have a computer?
Sad: No. I know I should get one...

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