Thursday, January 13, 2005

Media Yenta -- Out of retirement to slam Entertainment Weakling.

This week's EW's (pronounced "ew") "Must List" has a curious item. They named the CBS reality show "The Will" as the #2 must thing of the week.

"Scheming friends and family compete for a ranch estate on CBS' reality series. Viewers win; their faith in humanity loses.“

The show premiered this Saturday on CBS. It was the lowest rated show on the network for the week.

Monday the Eye Net canned the show making it one of those prestigious "one aired wonders."

Thursday Entertainment Weakling hits the news stands and puts it at #2.

Other things that were lower on the list: #9 Don Cheadle in 'Hotel Rwanda' - Apparently his performance is better than Javier Bardem in 'The Sea Inside" (#10) but not as good as a reality show.

Normally the snarky EW would take opportunity to publish an article about the decline of reality shows because one show got killed in the ratings - ignoring the fact that the show was put on the least watched night of the week and against a play off football game.

Now they can't. Well...they have flipped flopped on their opinions on performers and shows. They'll print a blurb trashing an actor calling him a loser. But once that said actor gets some heat ...they love him. It's not a magazine covering politics.

It's doesn't need a point of view. But a political mag will have on point of view. Left or right. But entertainment has no sides, so EW has arbitrary opinions.

The "ML" is the weekly ass kiss to publicists. The "Must" means they must give a pay back to a publicist.

Fuck EW. It's just Us Weekly with a better spell check.

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Anonymous said...

I worked at EW (not on the edit staff, and I don't work there anymore), and I can assure you that it is a magazine where the editorial staff is full of brilliant, hilarious media professionals. I've worked at many major magazines, and it is by far the best one--it's NOTHING like US Weekly.