Monday, January 17, 2005

It's "the latest example of TV network self-censorship," as CNN reports that FOX blurred a butt on Sunday's re-airing of "Family Guy."

That's some great irony because Family Guy is a cartoon show; that particular episode aired unedited on the network five years ago; and, earlier that night
on FOX, Moe showed his bare butt on the "The Simpsons."

So why the hecka is FOX airing 5-year-old Family Guys - a show they cancelled - on prime time anyway, especially when reruns are on Cartoon Network and TBS,
like, always? DVD sales. The Fox DVD sales of Family Guy rival only Chappelle's Show. To spawn future DVD sales, a new season of Family Guy starts this year.
Fox is now airing reruns for the next couple Sundays, perhaps to test the ratings, but seems more to test their restrait. Here's to Cartoon Network or TBS airing the new shows unedited.

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