Sunday, January 16, 2005

Golden Globes - How the other channels successfully sucked off the franchise with pre-show shows.

Let me be the first one to say that Joan and Melissa are a great addition to the TV Guide Channel. As time goes on, I think people will stray over to the "channel channel" and watch the mother daughter team that created the genre of awkward red carpet chatter.

It funny to watch J & M and Star on E! have strange 2 second conversations with the celebs that were just grabbed by a producer and put in front of the camera. It's like a really bad party where you are waiting for one of you to go "freshen my drink."

Star spent much of the time saying, "They say I shouldn't talk about fashion but...," or "They say I shouldn't gush but..." What else is there for her to talk about? The tsunomi? This is a red carpet show not a third date. Get up, see the dress and move on.

Star is a strange choice because she she's not a comedian so she just stands there and gushes, but they won't let her gush. Last year she only talked about her wedding. They stopped that. Again, what else does she have to talk about?

The best thing E! did was add Kathy Griffin to their coverage. She's funny and slightly mean. Other than Kathy, why else watch the pre show? She should have a bigger presence on the coverage. Forget Star.

J & M are funny and crazy. Instead of giving the Rivers only half a screen they put the TV guide stuff on the way bottom. They also put up random Golden Globe trivia. " Awkward!

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