Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Shit, I'll Say it.

Today (9/28/04) the NY Post page 93 Starr report gives the most important ratings report. The guy doesn't write full stories, he writes blurbs. So in a blurb next to other blurbs regarding talk show ratings, he included this gem.

"Life & Style" ranks first in women 18-34 in its timeslot on Ch. 11 (3 a.m.)

Really? Women from the ages 18-34 at 3:00 in New York? Is that the whole island? or just uptown.

You mean the infomercial for hair loss/real eastate get rich plans or the farm report didn't win?

Who's to say winning your timeslot at 3:00 isn't anything to crow about? Well, me.

This is obviously an item put in by a publicist/friend.

Accordign o a source at the show, they have been getting close to 2's at 3 am. Which is better than they are doing at a decent time like 10 AM. Is there a market for the overnight viewer? Is there an overnight viewer?

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