Sunday, May 11, 2003

I love "The Shield." The first season was so great. The second season was no slouch either. I even liked when the bad guy cop showed up for no reason. I could've gone without the out of place flash back episode "where it all began." No one cares.

I bought the DVD's of the first season, even though I have press copies of the DVD's. my press copies don't have commentary from the actors, writers and producers. I'm like a pig in shit. Or a geek in shit.

By the forth episode of people padding each other on the back for doing something as routine as a TV show. I know it's not easy, but it ain't noble peace prize time either. When Apartheid fell, I bet Mandela didn't pat himself on the back as much as the mooks that worked on "The Shield."

Jeez, I like a good cop show and I like to masturbate, but I didn’t know you can do them both all on the same DVD.

At one point they congratulate themselves on how great the extras are. "These migrant workers look like migrant workers," says the happy with himself creator/executive producer. "They are migrant workers," responds another voice, "You can find them at 'Home Depot.'"

The creator also talked of how great the day players are. He compares it to "Hill Street Blues" where the small players and mostly now famous. Michael "I took a great part that made people forget that I was the Comish and now I think that I'm God's gift to acting," Chickless, pats himself on his back for someone that was on the "Comish" and now has moved on. No one seems to have heard of her. He repeats his story on another episode with new people and they don't know who he's talking about either.

The original director's commentary? The 1980's movie "Du-Beat eo." It was so low buget, the director sills in plot holes and behind the scenes stuff. At the end of the film, a screening room with the director and some friends is reveled. Very cool. Very cool.

The new "The Wire" looks so good. I can't wait for a new season and a new case. Commentate that!

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