Monday, May 19, 2003

Booth Babes and Video Games

While the networks roll out their fall line-ups this week, another industry (one that probably makes more
money than the TV industry) also unveils new shit. The videogame world's big convention, Electronic
Entertainment Expo (E3), wrapped up Friday in the Los Angeles Convention Center, with all the major playas
playing. Nintendo stressed games that utilized Gamecube/Gameboy Advance connectivity, like
four-player Pac-Man (Why? Because the Gameboy Advance costs $100 and the cable is $10). Sony unveiled new hardware, like an updated online-ready PlayStation2 and next Xmas' Gameboy-killer, the PlayStation
Portable. As for Xbox, well, um ... Microsoft lowered its price twenty bucks. Make sure to read all the
nerdy details here.

In related news, E Online announced Nic Cage will star in the movie version of the guilty-pleasure videogame Dead to Rights. He's a cop whose cop pop got popped by corrupt city officials, and it's his mission to avenge his dead dad. How does he avenge the loss of life? By shooting everyone in the room. That crass hypocrisy makes perfect Hollywood fodder. Here's to the start of another fucking franchise.

- Media Yenta's Brother, aka "Friend to the Star of 'The Ortegas'"

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