Sunday, March 16, 2003

I believe this weekend will mark another #1 win for the movie "Bringin' Down the House." I have at least two major problems with that movie. describes the movie as:
Tagline: Everything he needed to know about life, she learned in prison. (more)

Plot Outline: When a lonely guy (Martin) meets a woman (Latifah) on the Internet who happens to be in prison, she breaks out to be with him, and proceeds to wreak havoc on his middle-class life.

But didn't Steve Martin make a similar movie before?
Here's how describes the 1992 movie with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, "Housesitter;"

Tagline: She's turning his house into a home...hers! (more)

Plot Outline: Con artist Goldie moves into Steve's empty house without his knowledge, and begins setting up house posing as his new wife.

I'm not one to judge, but Steve has control issues. He lets women walk all over him and steal his house.

My other problem is that "Bringin'" is totally racist. It's goes in the category of "Magic Black People Films." There's a whole "MBPF" section at your local video store (the store of course was run out of business by Blockbuster).
These films have a Black person in a secondary role, but a big role, who's character's job it is to teach the white guy about life.
So talk to a black person, they might change your life. Once again, white people are the one's who get characters with depth and heart; black people are on call to serve the white person.
Movies like: "Legend of Bagger Vance," "Family Man," to name two that I can think of right now. But fucking Wil Smith is the #1 box office star in the country, and in order for him to be in a Robert Redford film, he has to play the caddy.

Don't forget "Carbon Copy" with George Segal and introducing Denzel Washington. George loses his house, job, and wife when his black son turns up. Apparently Washington is so embarrassed that he won't talk about the movie ever.

In "Bringin'" Oscar nominated rap star, Quean Latifah, plays an escape con (who didn't do it, so not an "escape con," just an "escape." but if she escaped from jail, doesn't that mean that she broke the law and that would make her a con? So escape con is fine) who ends up at Steve's house because he met her on a computer date. But once he realizes that she's not white, he can't date her. But she is able to fix up the house, teaches his kid to read (not a book, but a porno. Get it? She's black!) and of course, she teaches everyone to dance and to relax!

The commercial makes it clear that Latifah is going to help Steve get his wife back. Why can't Steve realize that his wife is an a-hole and Latifah is the one? Will people go nuts? Is it because Latifah is (supposedly) a lesbian?

Statement that's over the edge.
Thanks goodness for Black People. They are like our new Leprechauns.

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