Friday, May 07, 2010

Questions about Betty White Hosting SNL

Why are so many people who don't usually watch Saturday Night Live exciting that the former star of the "Golden Girls" is hosting? These are viewers who say things like "I haven't watched the show since Blah-blah-blah" and "The show hasn't been funny since..." now they are excited to stay up late again.

If the ratings go up, will the people be able to pick all the hosts?

If the ratings go up, will Betty White get all the credit? The producers stacked the deck by having Jay Z as the musical guest and bringing back all the great women of the last 10 years for a special appearance.

Will this be a big hit or a flop of "Snakes on the Plane" proportions?

Is there going to be time for "What's up With that?"

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Betty White show, but in general, SNL would be wise to drop all the other sketches and just give us 90 minutes of "What's Up with Dat?"