Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MOP It Up, Please Take It

Yesterday I got to pitch some TV shows to a friend at a production company. His boss was late (his lunch meeting went late...past 3...) so just my friend and I went into the pitching room to do the awkward dance.

It was a conference room with two large orange half circle shaped couches. We joked around a bit and then I asked like an over booked hooker, "Should we do this?"

He nodded and we got dancing. After my first show he said they had tried to versions of that idea and neither worked. I went on to the second show, not much interest. So I changed the game up and for my wacky, outrageous, out there show idea.

After I finished I waited for the judges reaction. Then he dropped the bomb - "That show is a MOP." "What's a MOP?" "Most Often Pitched."

Some show ideas are constantly pitched over and over again. People, like myself, come into a meeting and pitch an idea that someone else just pitched and someone else to pitch the next day.

So you can walk around for months with a great idea that you think will shake up the history of TV or at least a pilot deal and

This turns out to be a real term. Even Mark (photo with male Tony CurtisSell Your TV Concept dot com uses this term - and they are trying to sell you a product!

So I guess, "Date my Dog" will have to go back on the shelf.

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