Sunday, May 09, 2010

fan revolt: "That's what 'Avatar' is about?

After selling a record breaking amount of 2-D DVD's the fans of "Avatar" finally got to watch the movie as a movie and not an amusement part ride.

"The plot is so corny," said 12 year old Tommy Boyd, "It's the same plot of 'Ferngally.'"
"What a rip off," stated Emma Besselmint, 46, "In 3-D you didn't notice the plot holes. I was so disappointed I almost cut my super long braided pony tail."

In fact the realization has gotten so bad that fan fiction has gone on a steady decline.
"I've been going to work," one fan told us,  "And actually working. I've never done that before. I just don't have any reason to check the message boards. I was let down worse than Jar Jar. Turns out, I like my job."

"We forgot the bells and whistles," admitted one studio executive, "We thought that the plot, dialogue and acting could carry the DVD. We were way off."

The next round of DVD's will have "The Hurt Locker" on it.

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